Real Estate News May 8 2023

It’s all about affordability this week on Market Mondays! 

Believe it or not the affordability of buying now versus a year ago is only about 1% different for most Americans. Google “Housing News” and much of what you are going to find is how high the interest rates are, but that’s just one piece of the affordability equation.

The average American family is making 6% more. There are 3.2 million more jobs than there were prepandemic. The average buyer is spending 25% of their income on housing today versus 24% a year ago…

Truth: mortgage rates have dipped recently

Truth: demand is high Truth: whether you are buyer or a seller don’t be afraid of the headlines.

The market is strong and indicators don’t show that changing anytime soon.

Truth: You can’t time the market, so don’t put off your life! Ready to BUY or SELL in Hilton Head or Bluffton? I can’t wait to hear from you

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